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Dr Munira Omid: We did not recover any of the rights stolen from us contrast of all heavenly religions and Status.

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In Iraq there is still an absent issue and still shrouded in mystery from the view of many official and public, it is the issue of a large segment of people which the enemy wanted to erase from the map of human existence.

Q: What is the problem of Faili Kurds? And when did it start? And who are friends and who are the enemies?
C -The problem of the Faily Kurds has got different aspects, some of them are political and other are legal. The first was the cause and the second is the outcome of the first . The problem is due to the beginnings of the emergence of the Iraqi state, as you know that the land of Kurdistan had been divided between more than one country on the impact of the First World War at the beginning of the last century, and on political grounds. Faili Kurds, the land being part of the land of the Great Kurdistan has been divided in turn in the same period between Iran and Iraq. In other words the problem can not be separated from the problem of the Kurds in other parts of Kurdistan,.. The problem is already back to the early establishment of the Iraqi state as we have said, and exactly with the development of Iraqi nationality law No. 42 issued on 23 August of the year 1924, this law was a chauvinist par excellence was placed under the supervision of British occupiers, who used the policy of “divide and rule” as well as punishment against the forces which rejected the Shi’ites Kurds and reward those that backed with Arab politicians affected by pan-Turanian, most of whom were employees of the Ottoman palace or in the armies, that law was strange because he divided the Iraqis into Ottoman subjection and Iranian subjection,
The Kurds Faylis most affected by this law is the fact that the historical land was the scene of conflict between the Persian and Ottoman empires, and the exchange of occupation through the centuries..New problems related to identity on the impact of the campaign emerged, side by side with the restore of the rights, property and the fate of their children and compensation, and all these things become legal, in addition to the humanitarian side.
Q: Some say the Faily Kurd person lives in the past, what do you think?
C – Truly I do not know exactly what is meant by such an accusation? If it meant that we still remember our tragedies, how can they ask us to forget them? No interpretation or solution of it was provided! We did not recover any of the rights stolen from us contrast of all heavenly religions and status ..! Did we know anything about the fate of those we loved who were taken from us by force and insidiously eliminated? Did anyone give us an apology for what happened to us? How can we forget the past and we still live its effects? If, we still reserve the values of the past and its customs and unequivocal, it is pride to us, because we are part of an indigenous people contributed in building the oldest civilizations on this soil of the blessed.
Q: What are the advantages of the history of this slide?
C –Probably it is not well known to many of those who were subjected to the brainwashing during the rule of a tyrant that the Faili Kurds are the indigenous people of the east of the Tigris and the builders of ancient civilizations on this earth, Fasamp civilization Alaelamip (Elamite) (the Faili Kurds are inherited) is located in the city of (Kumait) in the province of Maysan, which lies only a few kilometers from the city of Amara, which has emerged at a time parallel to the civilization of Sumer. Researchers believed that the city of Baghdad, re-Abu Jafar al-Mansur built on the ruins of the Kurds Faylis has built, either their post after entering Islam, it was clear their engagement in the armies of conquest that spread to China, and they had a prominent role in all civilizations that came to the region, which can not be mentioned in this article but can return to our site Gilgamesh.

Q:, Political and economic Faili characters, who owned a major role in the community are now absent from the scene, what causes this decline?
C – There is an economic law that emphasizes the dialectical interrelation between political and economic forces. So how can you wait from a slide robbed of everything, and did not recover anything to play a political role . Economically, The days of hard work and self-made is over, and that was what was relied upon by the Kurds Faylis in the past, .Their position and wealth, and the holding of the market by them, for example, are occupied nowadays by those who exploited the wars and woes and misfortunes of others.

Q: Faili sources are few , their media is weak and people do not interact with their activities, where does the fault lie?
C – Historic circumstances experienced by the Kurds Faylis are so hard, especially at the end of the nineteenth century and during the twentieth century, where there are much more favorable conditions for the rest of their brethren in other parts of Kurdistan, which enhanced an uneven cultural advancement, and in particular their political circumstances prevented them from removing the veil of their history, humanitarian, cultural, literary, and most of their achievements were written in Arabic or Persian, have emerged, including well-known personalities and prominent tributaries of adding other languages at the expense of mother tongue. But let us know about having what we might call media . We have only personal initiatives which they may succeed or end in failure, but they remain great, if compared to the possibilities available to others.
Q: As one of the activists in the field of Faily issue, how does women suffering differ from men suffering in this area?
C – Probably there is little difference between men and men in their suffering except that Faily women live the problem daily with all the details . It is still going on in our time in spite of the passage of the years . The problem for the Faily women is of emotional nature . That is why it is so heavy for them .