One of the oldest cities in Iraqi, that’s famous with the tower (al – Malweeya tower). A thousand years ago this place was built. The word Samarah comes from two combined words, ‘suraa man raa’ the shrine of two imams, Al imam Al Hadee and imam al Askaree. These shrines got hit again sixteen months ago. The first attack occurred and today we still hear bad news about what happened to this holy place. I want to know what they gained from this stupid attack (the terrorists) is this is part of their beliefs in religion, killing innocent people and blowing the shrines and mosques everyday. Islam is a true and forgiving faith. This holy place is for everybody, Muslims, both sectors, the shia and the suni’s. I’m sure some religious leaders created the problems between the two sectors. We Muslims condemn this innocence. This place also is where Imam Al Mahdi birth and disappearance took place. This is what the Shia believed. This place has been taken care of Muslims for all these years. I blame whoever controls the security, enough is enough. Let’s pray for peace and equality for all Iraqi people. May god help our people who are suffering everyday and save our country, Iraq?

S Hashim AlKhatat