Shorja market

Oh It must have been hundred of years ago when we were very young and our great grandparents talked about Shorja Market (Sooq al shorja). I have always like most old people when they talked about this magnificent place a lot of us heard or knew about this market. It’s the center traits for Iraqi businesses and costumers. Even a place for foreigners to visit, this market is one of the oldest markets in Baghdad. This historical has several branches. Some sell tobaccos and kitchen wear it multiple products. You can even buy real cheese especially the famous Arbiel cheese. Cigarettes and tobaccos money exchange soaps etc. in the late 70’s things changed, due to unstabilation of Iraqi market and economy it drastically dropped. All of us know this tabulation in Iraq has changed the reason the Iranian war and golf war and removed the dictator from power saddam. Sooq Al Shorja located between al Rasheed street and Aljamooreeya street passed this point you’ll end up with Sooq al ghazel the weaving place, famous for buying and selling pigeons and poultry blacksmith the weaving sheets etc past this market another market by the name Sooq al dahana were the best sweets are made [hallawa] for our Caledonian friends around Christmas time. When Ramadan comes in you could buy the stuff. My last visit to Iraqi I went through this market and I didn’t see anything new ever since I left Baghdad 20 years ago. It’s so crowded that there are more shops and stores. But it’s not as clean as it used to be. During saddams era his family took over the traits all over Iraq ignoring the small businesses in this particular market shorja. If Egyptians are proud of their khan Alkhalilee, Damascus was proud by there famous sooq Hamadeeya. Our sooq alshorja is the best of all this market runs by al lot of Kurdish Faylees and Arabs and Turkmen. They inherited their business from their great grandfathers and there fathers to sons. One time I had too uncles by the name Abu Sabah they were in charge of selling tea. It’s been a few years since I visited it but the shame is there is no safety or securities in this area. It made it drop down by the luck of security, makes it a lot of professional thieves and crooks hang around this market. The only solution in my opinion to take care of this the interior ministry should take over the control and crash this militants and robberies. A few months ago this location was exploded and set fire for several times by some terrorists. This market to me is like a bridge between Alwathba and grand market sooq al jowa. From the bottom of my heart let’s pray for our faith god blesses our people and our land and hell with the enemies who try to destroy our country. Long life for who protects this beautiful place alsorja and the rest of Iraq.

S Hashim Alkhatat