al-sadria its one of the oldest market in baghdad. Al rasafa side alot of people dont know or heard aboud this name. They dont even know the local geography of this part in baghdad, it is the second city marketafter al shorgia market. the sadria’s name came after one of the scollars by name al skiek sadril al dien saraj al dien. his body burried near by sarajidene mosque and he was one of the al hamify sactar the name al-sadria has nothing to do with the name of al sadir. the history of this market belong to abbasian erra. hundereds of years ago you could see the tarath the origional and the history is still there. it’s self ruled like they say, al-sadria is a large area it expands from al jamhouri street and al kiffah and al wathba. it has alot of avenus and small streets the vast majority of the people is between arabs and kurdish small kaldeian groupe) it’s a milted pot for all there is alot of old family’s that live there especialy the arabs al drubi al janabi al khadir al nakieb al jader the other groups is the kurd faylee and few kaldeian live in al waina. al sadria is a old school for scientist artist sports and poems. it’s an area that’s rich in scientist as far economy is low avrage the property. the scientist all of us rember the doctor mustapha al jouad and doctor kamal al basir who was famous as taha hussien in egypt on doctor khaled al jader one of the top artist in the arab world. alot of sports athlets in olympics like adnan al saeid. khadir alzalata 100m master two soccer players mahmoud and his brother. the t.v. actors al raser al goumaly who speaks kurdish launguage fluint, dispite hes an arab. mr adnan al shiekly my former teacher in coligorphy (arabic lettering) was born there to. abdoul al wahab al bayite was a poet now we talk about the wrestlers there were two brothers alhaj al hussien and al haf al hassan who had a wrestling club in al sadria. abbas jamil the top singer and head of artist group in iraq and there was sadiq one of the oldest lady in the 50-60s zahour al hussien also was born in the same the 60-70s jasim al khait the famous singer uthere is two large famos mosque beside one husseina al gubbi side by side shiet and suni’sdurring the comerision hussein aliesalam especcialy in achourra there was a groupe named alfaylea was headed by abu badri shama was located in kurdish al karid this is one of the top cities in baghdad who fought for freedom in the 1940s till it collapesed saddam regine what happen last month was hit by terrorist, im from the same area i lost my 14 year old nephew also my brother lost his buisness which he had over 40 years same area which they call it al nadah square where is the security 3 times in 5 weeks this place was targeted i am wondoring what the gov can do 1000+ people died there can u imagin this happening another place than iraq what would happen my hope is that it wont happen again people can’t tollerate it the gov should support it thoes inicants left people with out jobs alot of places demoloshed from the bomb we need security to be consistand to take care of iraqi people in the end we shall pray for peace for our people we lost alot of lives property’s god bless our people in iraq.