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A vision about the Kurdish movement in south– west of Kurdistan

 Without studying and understanding the past and without the deep belief in future we will not be able to build today. 


This short analytic research which hopes to be useful couldn’t be but dry and do not attempt just to respond specific and urgent needs, which are:

1- Comprehending and understanding what is happening every day before out eyes in the region and our relation with it.
2- Magnitude and fighting the ideas that tries to come back by a curved way in order not to be discovered here and in south – west Kurdistan.
3- Organizing the group of parties and the political groups whose goal will not be fulfilled unless they organize themselves under an obvious and transparent national basis.
4- The wasted blood on out mountains doesn’t have to be dried in vain and we should work on defining what these scarifies mean to the future of the coming generations.
If these lines have the ability to answer these types of questions and also this research have to bear the dangers of its making that have come anarchic in its logical procedure which seems sometimes separated from the battle . In spite of this, this research doesn’t have the intention to add anything to the old motto and to the stupid citations that have become like rituals and they do not intend to increase the melodies of the unemployed.

From here, I think that this research somehow, will gain the form of a diagram or the form of an abstract (transport, consumption, digestion). These things finally end in a waste basket. So, what is the mission?

All the ideas and the undertaken discussions should come out to the open air and they should be answered and the others who know these matters better should be motivated to take part in answering this question and in finding the objective solutions . Briefly its mission is serving the Kurdish liberation movement, the matters of our people generally and the attached part to Syria specially but how?
First we have to mention that not all we will face can be changed, but surely if it is required to change something it should be faced, and especially we are not living in a world that is ignorant, sleepy, and motionless.

In the middle of the big incidents that are facing the region is increasing everyday, here are some questions: will the situation stay like this to us? Or it will be changed? And to the best or the worst?

The reality of the Kurdish liberation movement is not less complicated than the reality of the region, but the history, the best practical theory is to follow its recommendations in the present, which means ” doing everything which is logical and objective in the history even if it is characterized by slowness .Even if the national native work takes time, it does not mean that it will not be fulfilled.

Therefore, the constant reality which is about the experiment of the Iraqi Kurdistan region should not be neglected. That is, the prosperous future of the other Kurdish regions and its liberation movement in general depends on the success of this movement.

Thus, our continuous struggle , whose results are about to be known , should be violent and without clemency because it is a struggle for survival and continuation in the time that the closed minds have started to disappear and the politics have transformed according to the fastness of the world evolution in this century . So, who is the one who wants to stop now, who is the one who does not care about the present and the future?
From here , courage is necessary to say that what we want to express is motivation , motivation to progress , doing duets , increasing the objective experience in its best ways , the motivation that attracts every loyal person .

The core of any right party or left party is reviled and identified by the amount of their service to the case that they acquired their characteristics from it. The amount of serving the case and the matter of I serve the case or not is more important than the existence of the right or the left party. The characteristics are identified according to the result of the service of the case not before the service or relating the case with the ideas that we believe.

Kurds have in their hearts nation spirit that can not be erased by any attempts. To discover this it is enough to blow the ash and to give it the opportunity to speak and say “struggle”. You can also identify for the ash of its goals without having the ability to see and to recognize its ideas that it thinks of quietly. So, in this case the struggle gradually transforms to science struggle that works on the principle of one strike for future.

The little south:
Even this name “little south “shows that there is a big one who worries about and feels himself responsible of the small one. Especially if we were the most similar small and big people according to the reality and especially the occupiers race and education, among the other parts.

The attempt to write these ideas in a dried and a forced form is a very difficult matter due to the hugeness of the particular matter’s size and its different sides. Because of that it will be a logical and a justified thing to transform the reality in its spontaneity and without any preface or any interest in the form or the arrangement of the words. We should not forget the amount of time and the size studies that are required in achieving a deep and a complete picture and faraway from any flattery or fake of the political and social reality in south-west of Kurdistan. I also don’t want to achieve a historical study about south – west of Kurdistan and its political movement and to present it due to my decisive belief that you all have it. But that does not neglect my desire to shed light upon some points and to show the reasons of the Kurdish political movement’s inability in escorting the development and the international and regional changes that have a direct or indirect relation with its case in this part or in that one. Also the reasons behind this movement’s chronic pathological crisis that it lives in since more than three and a half decade which unexpectedly become worse in the beginning of the last decade of the previous century .

The matter of the Kurdish parties losing of their credibility to people in south – west of Kurdistan does not need any study or any analyzing but it needs a simple mathematical operation of these parties achievements since their establishment till now, and also it needs a simple mathematical operation of the services that these parties have offered to the ruling authorities directly or indirectly and at the expense of people and their case in south – west of Kurdistan. Therefore, opportunism personal interests, irresponsibility, bargaining mentality, and the lack to political qualities were and still are good characteristics of the Kurdish parties leaderships in south – west of Kurdistan and this led them to remain weak and be proud of nothing expect their birthdays.

The favor of an arranged political movement’s birth in south – west of Kurdistan belongs to the immortal Barzani’s mind theoretically and his instructions practically. This established the first Kurdish political party in south – west of Kurdistan, repaired its splits, united it, and it is the only thing that can unite it today. Immortal Barzani’s attempt before more than a half century didn’t come from nothing but it was his deep understanding in a definite fateful unity between the people of Kurdistan generally and in both south – west and south – middle of Kurdistan especially.
According to this it has been linked between the Kurdish destiny and development in both southern and west and southern middle of Kurdistan. This link is not made haphazardly in a simple emotional way. But through a fall realization of the situations of the two countries sharing Kurdistan and belief in the leadership and principles of the rebellious leader towards the Kurdish rights. We do not deny the rue when we say that what happened in the southern middle of Kurdistan since 1992 till today is but the absolute outcome continuous development of the Kurdish movement and its clear aims in that parts. So, it’s a regional Middle Western revolution and its success that determines the success of many similar once in the region. But this most is done through rational and political work and the aims grown deep among people.

Concerning the national movement of Kurdistan so that this exchange can be done taking into account the level of development the four parts. There must be central organizations here in Kurdistan so that outside it could be started with spreading out the national thoughts and work and exchanges and of information and experience as basics of the national development consistency between the movement in the other parts and the movement southern middle of Kurdistan.

So, it is the extend of success and the help it offers in this part that determines the success in the neighboring part. Taking into account the special circumstances surrounding that part.

Despite all these requirements and mission there are still many increasing divisions inside the movement ion southern west. Till now the leaders of the movements and repeating same old reasons of these elevations.

The divisions in the political movement in southern west of Kurdistan from the beginning till now are the result of the clash of the personal interests and ambition which are contradicted. To what is told by the leaders movements. These telling unfortunately have one of the resigned facts among the people. All these claims are only illusion excuses which the some as these are told till today which are trying to beautify their subjects.
But in fact they are logical results for the political disqualifications and administrative abilities and weak responsibilities.

This leisure caused by the absence of responsibility and the disability of the Kurdish parties in southern west of Kurdistan. In addition to their inability to go side by side with all the interest (local) and regional development and changes led to the deteriorations of many movements and qualifications in the Kurdish society especially in the youth sects who joined Kurdistan Laborers party with a dear courage from the Syrian authorities and in front of the disabled Kurdish parties. All this needs a complete review to the exchange of the active Kurdish young people to mere servants to some regional countries and their exploit of the Kurdish people for serving and developing terrorism.

The greatest danger threatening the Kurdish movement in the southern west of Kurdistan is represented by the indulgence of many supporters of the dishonorable authority into the Kurdish movement and people and their attempts to spread out the defeating culture and ideas and the materialistic principles and killing the hope and the weakening of the national to in deluge in the Syrian society as considered he only path for getting ones goals and self-realization. This is the farther-seeing Arabization seemingly harmless.

The disadvantage resulted from the deep weakness in the Kurdish parties of southern west of Kurdistan in the latest two decades especially. Led to noting expect the gathering of more loves and supporters of rumors and the preventing (avoidance) of many active members from the political life and the hopes and ambitions of their people. So, letting he way for the spreading of the negative ideas inside the people and which led to the escape of many members from their parties to from other smaller parties which were mere copies of their original parties because of the unscientific and academic national intelligence and culture.

It is clear that the absence of the theory of the progressive national struggle and the weak political practice is the reasons of remaining the Kurdish case outside the spotlight in spite all the changes and developments and the suitable subjective circumstances to a certain extent. This causes the great bitterness to many people as a result to the political rumors used by many party leaders in southern west of Kurdistan instead of the fruitful work for the creation and development of the national practice through the full understanding of the country’s situation and distinguishing between the theories of political practice and political rumors. Of course there are similarities in the terminology among all these terms concerning their usage. But as we all know that although the terms remain the same, but the history changes continuously. The terms repeat a theoretical effort occurred at the beginnings of the century till the seventies with assuring the re-consideration of this effort in the light of the many successive changes today.

The political national process which is considered now as a necessity especially in the light of having the subject suitable circumstances should be exploited in a professional way and good practical styles and in the front the achievement of national grouping around the fatal cases and specifying the working lines and the responsibilities towards them. In addition to the work for cleaning the Kurdish mind from the silly ideas in this age that doesn’t appeal to colors.